Doc Young's Family Fun Music

1. Train At the Zoo (Brian Scott Young)

Theres a train at the zoo and it goes choo choo while it takes me and you all  around, to see the monkeys, lions, giraffes, and zebras; and well never have to  leave this town. The first stop is in monkey land where they play all day and pick fleas, like hairy little people with four little hands and a tail they use to swing from the trees. Next we see the elephants with their big long ears and nose, that they use to swat flies, throw dirt, eat grass, and squirt water through like a hose.

Chorus:  Train at the zoo, it goes choo choo, while it takes me and you, all around the zoo.

Lets all leave for Lion Land and listen to them roar, and watch them pant and eat and sleep and then theyll sleep some more. Cougars pounce and prowl and growl and bounce around their pen. They chase each other everywhere and then do it again. Tigers teeth are sharp and big, and so are her claws. She roars so loud and looks so strong; were glad her cage has bars. (chorus)

Next stop is in reptile world where its always nice and warm, cuz  tortoises (turtles, frogs,) and lizards dont much like a big snowstorm. Theres lots of different kinds of snakes; some black, some green, some brown. They have no arms or legs or feet, but somehow get around. Alligators are really big lizards that look like dinosaurs. When they wake up and show their teeth, we head right for the door. (chorus)

Lets stop and eat a red snow cone; yellow, green, or blue; cuz its so nice to have a seat and share a treat with you. At the park, well go in our shell and wear a turtles clothes; drink water from a lions mouth; slide down the elephants nose. Now the trip is over; but the last stops the toy store!  Let's just buy our own toy train; go home and play some more.

2. Im Always With You (Brian Scott Young)

Sometimes it seems Im so far away, But Im always with you every single day. When you cant see me, I want you to know; Im always with you deep down in your soul.

Chorus: I'm always with you wherever you go. In all that you do (when Im not in view), youre never really alone. Im in your mind, body, heart and soul. Im always with you wherever you go.

Its not really so bad, when Im not around. You dont have to be sad, cuz Im that sound; Saying "Hold your head high, and keep your feet on the ground." Just be true to yourself, and Ill be proud. (chorus)

Im that little voice that whispers in your ear, Saying, "Do whats right and have no fear." If you listen closely then youll surely hear; 'Cuz when you follow your heart I will appear.

I'm in your hopes and dreams, and like the air you breath; Im always there youd better believe. So when you miss me, dont ever get too down, cuz Im always going to be around in you, yeah in you.


Im always with you, no matter how far, Im always with you, wherever you are.

Im always with you, and you ought to know, Im always with you, wherever you go.

Im always with you (us), when the suns shining bright. Im always with you, when you turn out the light. Im always with you, and you ought to know, Im always with you wherever you go.


Im always with you, Im always with you (repeat)

I just want you to know, Im always with you wherever you go.


3. Dollhouse (Brian Scott Young)

If I lived in a dollhouse, it would be debonair. Every day Id have a ball, and my friends would all be there. Like kings and queens in a castle, our wishes all fulfilled, with a different room for every romp, in my haunt upon the hill


Chorus: If I lived in a dollhouse, it would be a small house, and I would be too.

Then I could have all my friends by. Wed only be an inch high, but have big things to do (a big to-do).


At lunchtime wed help ourselves to whatever we could dream, at a picnic by a soda pop pool right down from Chocolate stream. Id pick a flower every hour for Bart the bumblebee. While at my house, Miss Millie Mouse would eat the finest cheese. (chorus)


After lunch, wed all play games and let each other win. And then Id entertain them all on my matchbox mandolin. Carry Cricket, on her little fiddle, would play a happy song and Fred the flea would dance a jig, as we all sing along. (chorus)


Every bash would be a smash; and at the very end, wed climb up to my tree house and do it all over again.


4. Coyote (Brian Scott Young)

Im a wild coyote howling in the desert night. Ive got a coyote-sized appetite. But not much grows here where it rarely rains; so the things I eat can get pretty strange.


Chorus: Mud puddle, beetle bugs, slimy old snails, porcupine, prickly pear, old lizards tails; Im so hungry I could howl at the moon. Dont care what it is, just got to get some food soon.


All my friends and family think that Im insane; Because morning, noon, and night its all thats on my brain. But I cant help the way nature made me; and no matter where I look, foods all I see. (chorus)


Now Ive heard some ranchers say that Ive got no right to hunt their livestock all day and all night. But all life has value, and Im just as God made me. So dont put your hand in what you dont understand, or you just might be sorry.


Running round this desert makes a mighty big thirst, and a rumbling in your belly thats the absolute worst. So when we meet please dont take it personally if I eat you first before you shake paws with me. (chorus)


5. Froggy Went a Courtin (Traditional, additional lyrics by Brian Scott Young)

Froggy went a courting and he did ride, uh huh (3 times), with a sword and a pistol by his side, uh huh, uh huh, uh huh

He rode up to Miss Mouseys door, uh huh (3 times) Like he had a hundred times before, (etc.)

He said, "Miss Mousey are you within?", uh huh (3 times) She said, "Just lift the latch and come on in.

Froggy got down on his knee, uh huh (3 times). He said, "Miss Mousey will you marry me?"

"Without my uncle Rats consent, uh huh (3 times) I would not marry the President"

The rat asked where would the wedding be, uh huh (3 times) Said, "Way down yonder in a hollow tree"

"Then what will the wedding supper be, uh huh?" (3 times) Said, "Two string beans and a black-eyed pea."

The old rat said it was OK, uh huh (3 times) so Froggy and Mousey had their wedding day.

So Froggy and Mousey now they do ride, uh huh (3 times) with two little youngins by their side.


6. Welcome Home (Brian Scott Young)

Welcome home, honey; it seems a long, long time. Its true Ive missed you, though knew you were fine.

Always wanting to be right there with you to help you on your way. But now that youre in my arms, I just want to say:


Chorus: Welcome home! It seems so long that youve been gone. Youre welcome home, no matter where in this world you roam. Youve been out on your road, carrying a heavy load. But now youre back where you belong. Welcome home.


Cleaving this shell you fell hard to the world. Now through and talent youve turned sand to pearl. Each day those little roughened edges grow more refined. Course ways and awkward shapes soon all fall behind. (chorus)


If I could take your licks for you, you know I would. But lessons learned the easy way dont seem to stick as good.

So Ill be your biggest fan and coach throughout the years. Ill celebrate your victories and wipe away your tears.


So welcome home, honey; and know that here with me, is a place where you are loved eternally.

I let go cuz I know to grow you must be free. But now that youre back here I hope that you can see (youre....chorus)


7. Lucky (Brian Scott Young)

Lucky the cat came to town, donned his best duds and he went on down to the old saloon and ordered him a big root beer. The cat was cool but oh so sad; hed lost the best mouse that hed ever had in all of his nine lives.


But hes lucky. Dont he know hes truly lucky? He has friends and family; and cant he see hes alive? Hes lucky. Although skies arent always sunny, there will always be a brighter side, and so in time hell get by.


Luckys pal, Harley the hound, spotted his ol buddy so he sat on down at the next barstool and asked him why he seemed so blue. Harley lent his old floppy ear; he bought his ol buddy another beer. He listened to his tale of loss, and then he said


Youre Lucky. Dont you know youre truly lucky? You have friends and family;

and cant you see youre alive? Youre lucky, you can lean on your buddy. Ill always be here for you; thats what good friends do all their lives


Lucky thought about it all a while; then across his thin lips there came a smile.

Cats are known to be smart, and they always seem to land on their feet. So Lucky the Cat slicked back his hair. He shook Harleys paw and pounced off his chair; and said what he knew right then and there.


Im lucky, yes I know Im truly lucky.  I have friends and family, and I can see Im alive. Since Im lucky, sad songs will turn funny; I know Ill win in the end, and so again Ill try. Im lucky. Im lucky. Im lucky.


8. Hi to the Sky (Brian Scott Young)

My family and I today, in our back yard we lay on our backs to say, "Hi" to the sky. Cause theres no better way to spend a Saturday, when all you do all day is watch the clouds roll by.


Chorus: We said "Hi" to the sky today; lay on our backs and watch the clouds roll away. "Hi, Hi, Hi; Hello Sky".


But when theres so much to do, its so very easy to forget what is really true, and the first to go is fun. So when I need renewed, all that I have to do is just be with who are the best under the sun. (Chorus):


Careful moon, dont fall on our heads; just stay up there and watch us from your bed. Theres a view that we all share: well lay around all day..and never have a care.


So when my point of view is feeling a bit askew, all that I have to do is point my gaze up high. Cause when we get to play, its just like a holiday. We thank in our own way our lucky stars in the sky. (Chorus 2X)


9. This Little Light of Mine (Traditional, additional lyrics by Brian Scott Young)


This little light of mine, Im gonna let it shine (3X). Let it shine. (3X)

Hide it under a bushel?  NO!  Im gonna let it shine. (3X) Let it shine. (3X)

Wont let anyone blow it out, Im gonna let it shine. (3X) Let it shine. (3X)

Im gonna take this light around the world, Im gonna let it shine. (3X)

Let it shine for all my life, Im gonna let it shine. (3X). ) Let it shine. (3X)

This little light of mine, Im gonna let it shine (3X). Let it shine. (3X)

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine (repeat)


10. Dont Be Mean to Me (Brian Scott Young)


Dont you be mean to me if you want me to be your friend (2X); cause friends are good to friends until the end.

Well my momma told me to always be polite (2X); but youre making it hard for me to do whats right.

Well I dont see why we cant try and work it out (2X), cause its so much better to play than to scream and shout.

Im gonna say "bye" if you make me cry again (2X), cause theres plenty of people who want to be my friend.

Well if youd listened to me then you wouldnt be alone (2X) just sitting there crying in your lonely room at home

Dont you be mean to me if you want me to be your friend (2X); cause friends are good to friends until the end.


11. Get Along Little Doggies (Traditional)

As I was walking one morning for pleasure, I spied a cow-puncher a riding along. His hat was thrown back and his spurs were a jingling, and as he approached he was singin' this song.

Chorus: Whoop-ee ti-yi-yo, get along little doggies, It's your misfortune and  none of my own. Whoop-ee ti-yi-yo, get along little doggies, You know that Wyoming will be your new home.

It's early in spring that we round up the doggies, We mark them and brand them and bob off their tales.  We round up our horses, load up the chuck wagon, and then throw the doggies out onto the trail. (chorus)

It's whooping and yelling and driving the doggies, and oh how I wish you would only go on! It's whooping and punching, go on, little doggies; you know that Wyoming will be your new home. (chorus)

Some boys, they go up on the trail just for pleasure, But that's where they get it most awfully wrong. You haven't a notion the trouble they give us; it takes all our time to keep moving along. (chorus)

Your mother was raised way down in Texas, where the jimson weed and the sandburs grow. We'll fill you up on prickly pear and cholla, then throw you on the trail to Idaho. (chorus)


12. You Are My Sunshine(Jimmie Davis, Charles Mitchell)*

Chorus: You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. Youll never know, dear how much I love you. Please dont take my sunshine away.


The other night, Dear, as I lay sleeping, I dreamt I held you in my arms. When I awoke, Dear, I was mistaken; so I hung my head and I cried. (chorus)


Ill always love you and make you happy, if you will only do the same (say you will stay). But if you leave me to find another, you will regret it all some day. (chorus)


You told me once Dear, you really loved me, and nothing else could come between. So please dont leave me for another; or youll shatter all my dreams. (But now youve left me for another; you have shattered all my dreams) (chorus)


*Where altered for this recording, original lyrics are in parentheses.


13. Play All Day  (Brian Scott Young)


Chorus: Lets stay home and play all day, play all day, play all day.Lets stay home and play all day, and we wont go to work or school.


Snows coming down all night and day. Were covered in the stuff, we gotta stay, right at home where we can play. Yes were gonna play all day. (chorus)

Hot chocolate is what well sip. In our comfy clothes well roll and flip. Out to the hill well take a trip, and bring our sled so we can slip. (chorus)


Lets put on our hat and mittens and coat. Well put on our mufflers to cover our throats. [Well] get all bundled up before we go outside, cause we better be ready for a snowball fight.  (chorus 2X):


Were gonna play all day (repeat).